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Harpwest Hospitality Institute is a dynamic Christian based, industry-focused vocational training program that specializes in online hospitality education and professional development through hospitality management courses. We offer students a varied education, firmly rooted in hospitality management theories and real-world applications.  Our diplomas and professional certificates help students gain first-hand experience and cutting-edge knowledge that enables them to excel in their careers and aid in their professional growth in the hospitality industry.


Whether you are pursuing a career in food and beverage management, operations or executive leadership, our professional diploma curriculum encompasses internationally-recognized industry knowledge and training essential to career growth.

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Professional Executive Certifications

Earn one or more of our prestigious certifications developed to increase your professional exposure in the competitive climate of hospitality management. No matter your area of emphasis, our programs are designed to assist you in obtaining your next great career opportunity.

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Entry Level Certifications

Just starting out? Our entry level certifications were tailored with you in mind. Get certified in multiple skill sets to find your niche and place yourself a step ahead of the competition.

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Invest in yourself!

One year or less at Harpwest can earn you an internationally recognized certificate or diploma and help propel you to your next lucrative and dynamic career in hospitality.

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Job Specific Mentorship and Career Development

No matter what kind of job you’re looking for, we’ll teach you the skills you need to succeed


Take classes designed by and for the success of industry leaders around the globe.


Work with fellow students and industry professionals to expand your horizons.


Our professional level classes will help propel you towards your career goals.


Advance your career with a diploma or certification.


With Harpwest’ diverse catalog of hospitality management courses and programs, we ready our students to accomplish their goals in all major fields of hospitality.

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