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5 Nov 2015

Getting from Bellman to Manager – How to Create a Career Path (Part 4)

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Part 4: Putting it all together

In this series, you’ve learned why career planning is essential for advancing within the hotel management industry. You’ve also read about the steps involved in creating a career plan, along with resources that can assist you.

Engaging in career planning can help you establish strategic professional goals and formulate the steps to achieve those goals. As part of creating your career plan, consider using self-assessment tools to learn more about your personality, leadership skills, strengths and weaknesses. You may find that the information sheds new light on the career path that will work best for you.

While elements of your career plan likely will change over time — either due to your choices or to circumstances beyond your control — having a solid plan in place will help you make important decisions with a clear head.

Your career is a journey

Don’t think of your career plan as a day trip that you soon forget about. Think of it as a journey that includes important milestones. Each position you hold and each rung of the ladder you climb gives you valuable skills and experience that will serve you further down the road.

Your long-term career plan can help you understand the steps of your career path so you can make each decision thoughtfully and strategically.

Is change brewing?

Maybe you haven’t spent much time thinking about where you want your career to go, but you may have noticed signs that it’s time for a change. If your job is feeling like “just a job” rather than a step in your career path, you could be jeopardizing both your happiness and your future at work by:

  • Doubting yourself
  • Not using your skills to maximum advantage
  • Not staying current with industry news and trends
  • Feeling bored or unchallenged without taking any step towards your goals
  • Going through the motions instead of stopping to consider where these motions are driving you


Are any of these statements true of you? If so, a career plan may help you break out of your rut and find fresh enthusiasm for your work.

The Secret Ingredients: Education and Coaching

The first step to change is realizing that you want to change. The second step is creating your career plan. After that, it’s only a matter of execution.

Once you have an idea of the career path you desire, it’s likely that you’ll need additional education to get there. As you move higher up the chain in hotel management, you’ll need to demonstrate your expertise.

At Harpwest Hospitality Institute, you’ll find both educational programs and career workshops to help you achieve your goals. Harpwest offers a number of professional executive certifications and diploma programs specifically tailored to the hospitality industry.


Who do you want to be?

Your career will be your constant companion for decades of your life. You can simply let the chips fall when it comes to your work, or you can take control by setting goals, creating a solid career plan and building the skills you need to continue moving forward.

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