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3 Nov 2015

Getting from Bellman to Manager – How to Create a Career Path (Part 3)

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Part 3: Resources for creating your career plan

To advance in the field of hotel management, you now know you need a solid career plan. A workable plan with realistic goals will serve as a valuable road map as you navigate the working world and climb the corporate ladder.

The process of creating a career plan can be intimidating since there’s no single formula for success or a set-in-stone way of putting it together. To create a personal career plan that will help you reach your goals, you may want to consult a variety of sources of information. Here are some of the best resources.

General information

Many reputable websites focus on providing information on a variety of career-related topics, including general news, market statistics and more. Here are a few great starting points:

SWOT analysis for career planning

A SWOT analysis helps you understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using this tool, you can evaluate areas in which you have a competitive advantage and areas in which you may need work:

Career self-assessment tools

These sites provide you with a number of self-assessment tests that can help guide you in creating your career plan:

Employment trends

An understanding of the labor market and current trends can shed light on your career prospects and possible areas for focus:

Job search

If part of your career plan includes switching employers, many sites provide job listings and information:




Interviewing tips

Once you land an interview, it’s important to be prepared. Many job sites and business news outlets provide information on interviewing skills:


Education: A vital part of your career plan

Education is one of the most important components of career planning. To learn new skills that can help you advance, consider continuing your education. Harpwest Hospitality Institute offers one-on-one career planning to help students create and follow their career paths. Programs include diplomas in hospitality management and food and beverage management, along with professional executive certifications in a variety of disciplines.

While online resources can be extremely helpful in creating your career plan, working with a career counselor will provide you with the most value. A career counselor can evaluate your skills, experience and goals, then work with you to create a plan for pursuing the appropriate education.

Armed with the right skills and a comprehensive career plan, you can begin working toward advancement in the hotel management field.

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