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DateApr 9, 2015 - Apr 13, 2015
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The Food & Beverage Management Diploma examines the issues and challenges of the foodservice industry and strategies that contribute to a successful foodservice operation. Students will learn how to manage the major areas of menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and control systems. They will assess the effectiveness of several foodservice systems, use a service blueprint to improve the service delivery process and increase profits, and examine such variables as client flow, menu planning, dining time, optimal table mix, meal duration, and variable pricing.

Diploma Information

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Who Will Benefit From this Diploma?

This diploma will benefit foodservice professionals from hotels, chain and independent restaurants, and other hospitality professionals looking to increase profits and advance their careers. This diploma is also ideal for hospitality professionals from other disciplines seeking to transition into foodservice positions.


Presents a systems approach to food safety that answers public health concerns, reduces sanitation risks, and ensures satisfaction for food establishment guests, staff members, and owners. Explains how to define and implement sanitation quality, cost control, and risk reduction standards in a food service operation.

This course lays the groundwork for a basic understanding of beverage operations by explaining the beverage service process, describing the types of positions commonly found in beverage operations, and focusing on such beverages as beer, spirits, and wine. Included in the course are instructions on responsible alcohol service, supervisory techniques, and procedures for entry-level beverage service positions.

This course provides students with practical skills and knowledge for effective management of food and beverage operations. It presents basic service principles while emphasizing the importance of meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding the expectations of guests.

This course will give students a basic understanding of the purchasing function in the food service sectors. Students will learn about the ways in which value can be added by members of the food service distribution channel, the necessary elements of purchase specifications, and how to select and evaluate distributor partners. The course also covers ethics, group purchasing, electronic purchasing methods, and food safety and defense issues.

Covers the principles and procedures involved in an effective food and beverage control system, including standards determination, the operating budget, cost-volume-profit analysis, income and cost control, menu pricing, theft prevention, labor cost control, and point-of-sale reports.

This course lays the groundwork for a basic understanding of the lodging and food service industry by tracing the industry’s growth and development both nationally and internationally, by reviewing the organization of hotel and food and beverage operations, and by focusing on industry opportunities and future trends.

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