About Us

Harpwest Hospitality Institute

Our Story

Harpwest Hospitality Institute was founded by a group of Christ-followers motivated by the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment to love God, love our neighbor, and make disciples of all nations. These veterans have served in executive roles with some of the hospitality industry’s most recognized and renowned brands. The institute was established to fill hospitality positions at both the entry and executive level with well trained, skilled and passionate candidates. 

Designed for hospitality professionals, Harpwest offers exciting, self-paced hospitality training courses and certificate programs structured to build leadership skills for success. Each course empowers you to apply new ideas and well tested theories to your daily activities as a hospitality professional. Program facilitators have industry experience with some of the hospitality industry’s most respected and prestigious brands and incorporate their knowledge into practical application for Harpwest’s students. Our certificate and diploma programs cover a wide variety of disciplines, including: Revenue management, financial analytics, rooms operation, food and beverage management, sales and marketing, hotel accounting and hospitality law.

Self-Paced, Instructor-Facilitated

Harpwest courses—while self-paced and 100% online—are facilitated by subject-matter experts who guide, challenge and help you apply the course concepts to your real-world, on-the-job circumstances. Hospitality training courses are designed to accommodate your busy schedule, available around the clock and are completely asynchronous. This means that once you begin your course, there is no appointed time or day that you must be online; you determine the schedule that’s right for you.

Interaction & Collaboration

For the diploma programs, required discussions play an important role in your course; giving you and your classmates the opportunity to share and exchange your own experiences, best practices, perspectives and examples. Your interaction with peers from different organizations and backgrounds fosters collaboration, networking and practical shared learning.

Our Mission!

To purposely provide our students with an invigorating learning platform that equips them in their pursuit to accomplish their professional plateau, while elevating personal profitability and value.

Emphasis on Practice and Application

In order to keep academic programs cutting edge, Harpwest maintains strong partnerships with industry leaders. Our courses draw on a variety of components to provide this practical learning:

  • Discussions
  • Projects
  • Practice activities
  • Short videos
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Online tools and downloadable resources
  • Case studies and examples
  • Instructor guidance

Our approach positions you as an active participant in the learning process, allowing you to build the necessary problem-solving skills at your own pace and in your own style to confront and overcome real challenges you may face on the job. 

Why Choose us

Harpwest provides working professionals with a globally recognized hospitality curriculum. There are many reasons why Harpwest gives you the best preparation for a brilliant career. Here are just a few:

  • Our programs are affordable and priced with the budget-conscious in mind
  • Diploma students may re-take any two classes at no additional cost up to two years after graduation
  • Professional mentorship is provided from current industry professionals to assist in mapping out a custom career plan
  • Benefit from interview preparation and training tailored to your specific hotel or restaurant job aspirations.
  • Know that your continued education will benefit a social cause! A portion of every diploma program purchased will be donated to First Book, an organization that provides children of low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first book
  • Discounts for military, law enforcement and fire professionals
  • Receive up to $1500 off one of our diploma programs if you complete one of our Entry-Level or Professional Executive Certifications
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